Before making your booking, establish your actual level according to the official classifications used by all Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools see link


At the end of the weekly group lessons, each child will be given a Swiss Snow League note book which will state the level he or she has attained.  If your child has achieved / passed all the objectives / tests for a certain level with the comment of “good” or “excellent”, his instructor will also present him with the corresponding medal for that level.  If you have already attended classes at any Swiss Ski or Snowboard School, please bring your note book with you from the last time.

Levels Explained:


Snowgarden (France : Bear cub)

First time on skis or snowboard

Blue Prince (France : Snow flake) 

You know how to slide and brake in a snow plough and can make very gentle turns in a snow plough

Blue King (France : 1st star)

You can do snow plough turns and can use easy drag lifts

Blue Star (France : 1st star +)

You know how to turn with ease and can finish your turns with skis in a parallel position.

Red Prince (France : 2nd star)

You can traverse slopes and know how to side slip with your skis parallel, you can do parallel turns on blue pistes

Red King (France : 3rd star)

You can do parallel turns on red pistes

Red Star (France : 3rd star +)

You can do very good parallel turns and short parallel turns

Black Prince (France : Bronze star)

You can do Carving turns, short turns on difficult pistes

Black King (France : Silver star / Gold star)

You can jumps, do short turn variants and carving turn variants


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